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Welcome to my Music Production & Music Technology website!

I love music and all the technology that surrounds it. It has always fascinated me throughout my life. Now I have a wealth of experience playing, writing, recording and producing music.

I play acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, bottleneck guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin, harp, keyboards and hand percussion. I like just about every type of music, but my greatest experience is with Blues, R & B, Soul, Jazz, Folk and Pop music.

As my biography shows, I work professionally as a recording engineer and producer, as a composer and arranger, as a studio musician and MIDI programmer, and as a Pro Tools engineer.


My music room is set up and equipped to record and overdub 'live' instruments into Pro Tools HD through high-quality mics and pre-amps, using sequenced instruments and samples as necessary. There is a large selection of instruments available and top session players just a phone call away.

Recording Projects

Examples of commercially released recordings and recent projects recorded here can be auditioned online. If you like the sound of these recordings, why not call me to co-write, play on, engineer or produce your next album or single!

Support Services

I offer a range of support services including project studio consultancy, installations and troubleshooting. If you are looking for personal tuition, you can come here or I can travel to your studio. I also offer seminars on music technology and music production.


I write books and magazine articles about music technology and production. Sample book chapters can be downloaded and there are links to many of my published magazine articles. My latest, book Pro Tools 8, was published in June 2009.

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