Sun Palace, Back to basics with Collins & O'Connell...

Recording Projects

Brendon 'Octave' Harding & Temps

Brendon Harding at the mixing deskRecorded and released in 2008, the Temps single, "Sun Arise", was produced by Brendon Harding with Harp and Fender Rhodes overdubs recorded at Mike's studio.

John McKenzie

Katherine Toy plays the piano accordionIn May 2008, John McKenzie produced a song called "Kindness" for a Deutsche Bank Video, featuring a Gospel Chorus, piano-accordion by Katherine Toy, and with Mike Collins engineering and playing acoustic guitar and banjo.

Phil Harding

Phil Harding ‘Album’ 12” sleeveRecorded in 2007 and released in 2008, the Phil Harding album, "The Story of Beginners", is Phil's first solo offering as a vocalist with drums by Blair Cunningham and mandolin, banjo, electric & acoustic guitar overdubs played and recorded by Mike Collins.


Caro ‘Album’ 12” sleeveRecorded and released in 2007, the Caro album, "The 4th Way", produced by Phil Harding features vocalist Charlie Batchelor with drums by Blair Cunningham and mandolin overdubs recorded by Mike Collins.


Catcha ‘Album’ 12” sleeveRecorded and released in 2006, the self-titled Catcha album produced by John McKenzie features great rock drumming from Blair Cunningham and keyboards by Andy Wallace recorded at Mike's studio.


Ayetoro ‘Omo Obokun’ 12” sleeveRecorded and released in 2006, the Omo Obokun album by Afrobeat/Jazz group Ayetoro marries jazz harmonies with African rhythms.

Jim Mullen

Jim Mullen ‘Thumbnail Sketches’ 12” sleeveMy first jazz guitar album production, "Thumbnail Sketches", features Jim Mullen playing solo. More recordings featuring Jim Mullen are in progress.

Lyn Dobson

Lyn Dobson ‘The Journey’ 12” sleeveOne of the UK's leading improvisers, Lyn Dobson, has recorded on sax and flute for a forthcoming album to be called "The Journey".

Sun Palace

Sun Palace ‘Winning’ 12” sleeve"Rude Movements" is the title of the most popular recording released by cult band Sun Palace from the 1980's. And now a club in New York has been named after the record...

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