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The Music Room

What is most important when you are recording music? Is it the recording equipment? Is it the musical instruments? Or is it the musicians? For me, it's the musicians. Of course, you also need good instruments and good recording equipment to get the best results.

My music room is set up and equipped to record and overdub 'live' instruments into Pro Tools HD through high-quality mics and pre-amps, using sequenced instruments and samples as necessary. There is a large selection of instruments available and top session players just a phone call away.

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The musicians who I record with all have credits for working with the world's most famous and successful singers and groups. If you need session musicians or other personnel for your next project, look no further - these guys have the experience to transform your recordings into hits!


I have an interesting and useful collection of vintage guitars, amplifiers, keyboards and synthesizers all ready to record direct to Pro Tools HD or via quality studio mics and mic pre's.


The recording equipment includes Apple computers running the latest Pro Tools software and hardware linked to a Yamaha DM1000 mixer to provide recording at up to 96 kHz/24-bit quality.

If you would like me to work on your next project, please call to discuss your requirements.

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