Need help putting a project studio together?

Support Services

I offer a range of support services including project studio consultancy, installations and troubleshooting. If you are looking for personal tuition, you can come to my place or I can travel to yours. I also offer seminars on music technology and music production.


For groups of people, seminars are a great way of presenting, demonstrating and informing about music technology and production. I enjoy the challenge of communicating technical information to people from all over the world.


I offer personal tuition on Pro Tools and most popular Audio and MIDI Software and Plug-ins. I also teach Music Production and Studio Guitar Techniques. You can come to my well-equipped music room or I can visit your studio in person.


There are so many ways to go when buying equipment or setting up software you've just bought. Or maybe you are building a new project studio or upgrading your existing computer and music software. Get the right advice - call me


If you are Installing and upgrading music software, hardware and other equipment it can be a tricky business. Often, there is a gap between what the equipment supplier will do and your particular requirements. If you need help - call me.


If you are having problems in your studio I can come and help to sort things out for you - bringing 25 years experience of troubleshooting sessions for top studios, producers, composers and musicians around the world with me.

To discuss further or make arrangements, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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