A number of features have been built into this website to aid accessibility and usability.

Access Keys

Access keys have been provided for easy site and page navigation, press the CTRL key and any one of the following keys on any page on this website:

  • CTRL + H = Go directly to the Home page
  • CTRL + A = Go directly to this Accessibility page
  • CTRL + S = Go directly to the Site Map
  • CTRL + T = Go directly to the top of the current page
  • CTRL + N = Skip the page contents & links and go to site navigation

Navigating pages by using the TAB key

Pressing the TAB key in most browsers will highlight and then cycle through the links the current page.

The first link on every page bypasses the page content and takes you directly to the navigation.

The second link on every page takes you directly to this accessibility page.

Thereafter the TAB key cycles through the rest of the content and navigational links.

Piano in the studio
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